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Updates to Calculator

On this page we publish the updates we make to the calculator. Any time we add new data or we change the way the  calculator works we will post an update here.

Use the award rate calculator to do a search on any route, or click here if you're looking for suggestions on how to use your miles.

Singapore KrisFlyer Calculators Updated

KrisFlyer award rates recently went through a devaluation. The calculators have been updated to reflect those changes. The new Star Alliance rates came into effect on April 16th, 2019 and the regular Singapore Airlines ones in January.

19 April, 2019

Version 2.0 of

Version 2.0 of has been launched! The new site is now mobile friendly, which will make it much easier to search our data from any device you may be using. All our calculators are still here and we have now removed all advertising from the site!

The great majority of our users will be able to continue to use the site for free. In order to offset our efforts of updating all the calculators we have introduced subscriptions for our power users (who need unlimited access).

25 March, 2019

Flying Blue Calculator Up to Date

We have re-worked our Flying Blue miles calculator so that our rates reflect the same miles as the estimator on the Flying Blue website. The rates recently changed on Flying Blue and they is no longer follow a clear zone logic or distance logic. Nonetheless the results from our calculator correspond to the "starting from" rates published on the FB website.    

14 December, 2018

New Air India Flying Returns Own Metal Rates

The Air India own metal international and domestic rates are generally calculated by distance, but there are a few exceptions to the distance calculations (in the international chart). The rates were updated recently and these changes are now reflected in our calculator as well.

The domestic and international rates are maintained in separate calculators.

9 October, 2018

New Aeroplan Surcharge Comparison Page

Check out our new Fees and Surcharges comparison page for Aeroplan. If you're an Aeroplan member you can have a look at how different airlines and different destinations have an influence on the amount of fees and fuel surcharges you need to pay on top of your miles redemption.

1 October, 2018

New Air India Flying Returns Star Alliance Rates

Air India Flying Returns Star Alliance redemption rates are based on a mix of zones and distances (there are now only seven large zones). All destinations belong to a zone so there are rates from zone to zone. However, in addition, there are also distance based rates, which look interesting primarily for shorter distances.

One-way itineraries are possible and cost half the round-trip miles.

The long-haul award tickets seem to be priced very high in comparison, for example Mumbai to Los Angeles

On the other hand, a short haul redemption may actually look like decent deals, such Boston to Newark.

30 September, 2018

Update to TAP Calculators

TAP Victoria has changed its award rates several times this year. Both the Star Alliance and TAP's own metal rates are now up to date on The TAP calculator now includes rates for high and low season redemptions.

14 September, 2018

Aeroplan Fees and Surcharges

We have started systematically adding fees and surcharges data to the Aeroplan redemption rates. We are planning to add the fees for all the direct overseas flights as they are often the ones where significant surcharges are incurred. These fees differ depending on where the journey starts, i.e. the fees from Vancouver to Kong Kong are not the same as the fees from Hong Kong to Vancouver, click here to see the example.

Sometimes different classes on the same flight incur different fees, see the example of the Air Canada flight from Montreal to London Heathrow.

Of course, fees are heavily dependent on which airline is being flown, most United Airlines flights have low fees, especially if they start in the USA, for example the direct flight with United from Newark to Berlin or Frankfurt only has CAD 7.30 in fees but the direct Lufthansa flight to Düsseldorf has very high fees.

21 August, 2018

New Italian Calculator Added

Our Italian users can now calculate the award rates for Meridiana flights. Meridiana uses avios, the same currency as British Airways and Iberia. The award rates are based on distance. Domestic flights in Italy cost 4,500 in economy for a one-way fare (for example, Milan to Sicily). One of the sweet spots in the Meridiana chart is the Bergamo to Cape Verde itinerary, which is priced in a lower band than the 2,826-mile distance would warrant.

2 February, 2018

Qatar Own Metal Rate Update

The Qmiles award charts for Qatar Airways flights have recently changed. The milez calculators now include the newest rates. One of the sweet spots are Qatar flights between North America  and the Middle East, for example Houston to Doha.  

1 February, 2018