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Updates to Calculator

On this page we publish the updates we make to the calculator. Any time we add new data or we change the way the  calculator works we will post an update here.

Use the award rate calculator to do a search on any route, or click here if you're looking for suggestions on how to use your miles.

New SkyTeam Data!

The rates for the following SkyTeam programs have been added to our calculator:

  • Aeroflot Bonus
  • Korean Air SkyPass
  • Club Premier AeroMexico

We now have seven SkyTeam programs in the calculator.

20 January, 2012

Filtering by Program in Beta

If you start a search from the sidebar (like on the right of this page) you can now filter your calculations by programs. Select as many or as few programs as you wish in order to generate customized calculations for the destinations and programs you are interested in.

Not only does this give you a more relevant report, but the calculations are much quicker than when the engine needs to churn through all programs!

Comparisons across all programs are still by possible if you don't explicitly select any programs.

This feature will be promoted to the main search interface soon.

17 January, 2012

New Programs Added

The rates for the following programs were added to the calculator today:

  • TACA/Avianca LifeMiles
  • IberiaPlus
  • Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan
  • MilleMiglia (Alitalia) SkyTeam rates
  • TAM high and low season rates

11 January, 2012

Improved Auto-Complete

The auto-complete now looks up nothing but airport codes if you enter exactly three characters in the "from" and "to" fields, i.e. entering "FRA" will now only show Frankfurt.

If you keep typing then the auto-complete search is expanded to city name, airport name and country name. This will make finding airports a lot easier especially if you know the airport code, but you can still call up longer lists if you are unsure of an airport's code.

8 January, 2012

Soft Launch of

Our cross-program frequent flyer program comparison tool has gone live! Type in your favourite destinations to see how many frequent flyer miles you will need to travel for free on the various frequent flyer programs.

23 December, 2011