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API Access to Data

Please contact us, if you're interested in using the data on your own website or in your own application. We have APIs available that you can use as a web service and with which you can even create a white label version of our site.

Our two main APIs are very straightforward and easy to integrate at your end. You will receive data in JSON format which can be integrated seamlessly into your environment.

The first API is very similar to our popular frequent flyer miles comparison tool. It accepts two airport codes and the list of  frequent flyer programs you are interested in. In return you will receive the award rates by program and seating class.

Our second API resembles our suggestions page, as input you inidicate how many miles you have, which airport you are starting your trip from and which program you are a member from. In return the API will give you a list possible destinations.

We are open to developing new APIs as well, if the current APIs do not exactly meet your needs. If we have the data that you need we would be happy develop and API for it.

Our data is currently available in the following four languages:
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish

If you're interested in creating an application in another language please contact us to discuss your project.

The APIs are available on a subscription basis.