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Fees and Surcharges on Aeroplan

Many frequent flyer programs add fees and fuel surcharges to what you need to pay for the actual miles ticket. Find out here what these charges are for tickets booked on Aeroplan.

Fees and surcharges are calculated in each direction of travel. As an example a flight from Toronto to Frankfurt does not have the same fees as a flight from Frankfurt to Toronto. Our engine will show you the fees based on one-way journeys from the starting point you enter in the form. 

We only show data for direct flights. Meaning that if your itinerary includes one or more connections, this will likely have an influence on the surcharges. Sometimes the fees can be higher but sometimes they can be lower too. Our data currently includes mainly trans-continental direct flights, as they are normally the primary contributor to the fuel surcharges.

The amount you need to pay in addition to your miles depends on many variables, the following are the key ones:
  • Which airline
  • Departure country
  • Departure airport
  • Seating class


What Fees Does Aeroplan Charge?