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How Many Miles Do You Get for Your Transfer?

Use our points-to-miles transfer calculator to determine how many miles or avios you will receive when you transfer points into your airline loyalty programs. Enter the number of points you want to transfer, select your loyalty program and then select the target frequent flyer program. The tool will allow you find the most optimal way to utilize your hard earned points.

The calculator works with credit card programs as well as with hotel loyalty programs. Points-to-miles transfers can vary within the same program so that you may get more miles when you transfer to one or the other program. There are different transfer thresholds, sliding transfer scales, different transfer ratios and the credit card partners vary from country to country. All these factors have been integrated into our calculator.

You can also use the second calculator at the bottom of the page to figure out how many points you need to transfer for a specific number of miles in a target frequent flyer miles program.

Contact us if you would like us to add additional loyalty programs to our calculators. Our calculators can also be accessed via API, contact us to find out about the conditions.

How Many Points Are You Converting?

How Many Points Do You Need to Transfer?

Use our calculator below to figure out exactly how many points you need to transfer from a credit card or hotel loyalty program in order to receive a specific number of miles or avios in a frequent flyer miles program. 

How Many Miles Do You Need?