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Updates to Calculator

On this page we publish updates we make to the calculator. Any time we add new data or we change the way the calculator works, you can
find the update here.

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Qantas Adds Air France as Partner

Qantas and Air France recently announced a partnership, which means that Qantas Frequent Flyer members can now redeem flights operated by Air France. We have added the Air France route network to the Qantas Partners Classic Award calculator.

These routes include all domestic destinations in France (such as Nice to Bordeaux) as well as all AF's international routes, for example Tahiti to Paris. Most international routes connect through the Charles de Gaulle (CDG) or Orly (ORY) airports in Paris. 

19 December, 2019

Remaining JAL Partner Calculators

We have now also added the remaining JAl partner calculators

- Air France, compare the different JAL options for traveling from, Tokyo to Paris
- Hawaiian Airlines, for example Haneda straight to Big Island
- Korean Air, you can use Korean to travel from Japan to Hawaii, Osaka-Honolulu
- China Eastern
- Bangkok Airways
- JetStar, compare rates for domestic flights in Japan with the normal JAL rates, e.g. Tokyo to Okinawa

9 December, 2019

Adding JAL Partner Calculators

We are currently adding the JAL partner calculators. These are the non-oneworld airlines that JAL Mileage Bank members can redeem flights with. So far we have uploaded the Emirates and the Alaska Airlines partnerships.

For example see how many JAL Miles you need to travel from Tokyo to London w/ Emirates:   

Or to Honolulu from San Francisco with Alaska Airlines:  

For a short time we are offering a promo code while we add all the JAL calculators, enter 'JAL-Milez' to get a 10% on any subscription. 

6 December, 2019

LifeMiles Adjustments

There are many great ways to use Avianca LifeMiles and the program regularly has good promotion deals on miles sales. The calculator has been adjusted to reflect all the latest rate adjustments. The program has more granular zones than many other programs, for example the USA and Europe are each split into three zones, see them on a map here: USA I, USA II, USA III, Europe I, Europe II, Europe III. This means that there can be some interesting short-haul redemption possibilities.

Another interesting data point is that redemption rates can be different depending on the direction of travel, Brazil and Oceania are affected by this rule. An Auckland-Vancouver-Auckland flight has different award rates than a Vancouver-Auckland-Vancouver redemption. Same applies to an itinerary between Rio and Lisbon, as an example.

Furthermore, the award rates for domestic flights in Brazil are calculated based on distance.

25 November, 2019

Jet Airways Calculators Removed

We have removed all Jet Airways miles calculators from since the airline ceased operation in April 2019. This includes all Jet AirwaysJetPrivilege calculators as well as the calcualtors we had for tis partner programs (Etihad, Emirates, Garuda, Korean).

21 November, 2019

Second Part of THAI Update

We have now also added the second part of the update to the THAI award tables. The THAI only award rates include flights with THAI Airways (TG) and THAI Smile Air (WE). The award rates are now organized by zones and most connections are through Bangkok (BKK).

A flight redemption from Thailand to Europe (for example, Bangkok to Paris) requires slightly less miles on the Thai-only chart than on the Star Alliance chart.

19 November, 2019

Surcharges on Aeroplan Redemptions

Fees and surcharges often change at a moment's notice and it is difficult for the standard frequent flyer program member to keep track of how high the fees and surcharges on each flight are. We keep track of the fees for the main overseas flights on Aeroplan award tickets and have organized them in an easy-to-view format. Some of these fees have changed significantly in recent times so that we are currently going through an update of this data. One notable difference is that Air China no longer has very low fees and surcharges, but rather now has high surcharges. You can see this on the surcharges page when comparing some of the old surcharges still on the system, with the recent updates. On some flights to Europe the fees have gone up more than tenfold.  

The fees that apply to Aeroplan awards are often very similar to the ones that apply in other Star Alliance programs. So these numbers are also useful to members of other Star Alliance programs.

15 October, 2019

All Qantas Rates Up To Date

New Qantas redemption rates came into effect on September 18, 2019. The changes affected all four award tables: Qantas Classic Awards, JetStar Classic Rewards, Partner Classic Rewards, and oneworld Classic Rewards. All calculators on have been updated.

2 October, 2019

Upcoming THAI Redemption Changes

THAI's Royal Orchid Plus program is about to change its award tables. Starting October 1, 2019, there are going to be new awards table for both THAI own metal flights and flights with Star Alliance partner airlines.

Generally, the award rates are going up significantly. There are going to be 4 Asia zones (vs 3 until September 30). There is a new Indian subcontinent award zone. Another interesting zone is the Hawaii zone which now includes Guam and Saipan. Making Saipan to Honolulu award flights, 1-zone redemptions, one of the cheapest amongst Star Alliance programs

THAI has special rates for Australia/NewZealand award tickets to Europe. If the redemption is entirely on THAI (TK) the miles requirement is about 23% lower. E.g. Auckland to Frankfurt. (no stop-overs allowed)

Currently the calculator is showing both the old and the new rates, The old rates will disappear in a few weeks.

17 September, 2019

Frontier Miles Calculator Added

A Frontier Miles calculator has been added to Domestic award flights with Frontier can be redeemed for 10,000 miles each way in the 'Value' category, and 20,000 miles each way in the 'Standard' category. Frontier Miles has a special category of seats available only to its Elite members: 'Last Seat'.

Flights to sun destinations start at 15,000 miles each way in the Value category.

12 September, 2019