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Updates to Calculator

On this page we publish updates we make to the calculator. Any time we add new data or we change the way the calculator works, you can
find the update here.

Use the award rate calculator to do a search on any route, or click here if you're looking for suggestions on how to use your miles

New Chinese Programs Added

We have now added the programs for both China Eastern (incl. Shanghai Airlines and China United) and China Southern airlines (incl. China Airlines and Si Chuang Airlines) -- Eastern Miles and  Sky Pearl Club, respectively.

You no longer need to manually figure out what the distance is between Chinese cities to figure out the rates that apply to a flight. The calculator does it for you!

Try: Guangzhou to Shanghai

Hawaiian Miles has also been added.

24 February, 2012

Updates to Australian Programs

We have added Velocity Frequent Flyer to our database (Virgin Australia) and also the Qantas Frequent Flyer Classic Partner awards, including all their partner airlines. 

Thanks to some user feedback we have also adjusted the data for the Qantas FF Classic awards.

17 February, 2012

Off-Peak, Low / High Season Rates for American Programs Added

As per a number of our users' requests we have added the following data:

  • AAdvantage off-peak and anytime rates
  • Delta SkyMiles low, medium and high rates
  • Dividend Miles off-peak, low, medium and high rates 

Some off-peak transatlantic awards look very interesting, try for example Atlanta - Paris -Atlanta

10 February, 2012

New Data Added

The following data has been added to the calculator:

  • OK Plus, the Czech Airlines frequent flyer program. Includes the SkyTeam rates and destinations.
  • Etihad Guest, includes Etihad rates and destinations.
    Small caveat: Rates shown on have a small variance (less than 1%) compared to the rates in Etihad's own calculator. This is due to slightly differing airport coordinates in the systems.
  • British Airways Executive Club oneworld  rates. The oneworld destinations include the routes served by the alliance partners.
  • Deactivated Duna Club (Malév)

6 February, 2012

Optimized Calculator

We went over our code line by line and found some ways to significantly improve speed of the calculations of the award rates. This should make searching for rates much less tiresome and much quicker.

You can even search for a route served by most programs (like JFK to LHR) and the calculator will return results fast.

31 January, 2012

Milez Calculator now Accepting Hyperlinks

If you want to keep a link on your own site to the rates of a specific route you can do so by linking directly into our calculator. Simply adjust your URL as follows:

All you have to do is insert the correct airport code for the f (from) and t (to) variables. Above link will take you to the rates between Boston and Barcelona.

28 January, 2012

For the expert user ...

Expert users no longer need to wait to select an option from the auto-complete if they know their airports' IATA codes.

You can now punch in an airport's IATA code and tab right away without selecting the airport from the auto-complete options. This will accelerate data entry for those who are familiar with the codes.

Note: This only works for the 3-letter airport codes; if you are uncertain about a code just keep typing and select from the auto-complete options.

25 January, 2012

Filter by Program

The filtering by program is now available on all searches. If you don't want to compare all programs for a given route you can personalize the calculation by selecting only the programs that you are interested in.

Simply create a list of programs by selecting them from the drop-down list. The calculator will then only check the programs you have indicated. This will yield more relevant results and it will also speed up the calculations.

24 January, 2012

New SkyTeam Data!

The rates for the following SkyTeam programs have been added to our calculator:

  • Aeroflot Bonus
  • Korean Air SkyPass
  • Club Premier AeroMexico

We now have seven SkyTeam programs in the calculator.

20 January, 2012

Filtering by Program in Beta

If you start a search from the sidebar (like on the right of this page) you can now filter your calculations by programs. Select as many or as few programs as you wish in order to generate customized calculations for the destinations and programs you are interested in.

Not only does this give you a more relevant report, but the calculations are much quicker than when the engine needs to churn through all programs!

Comparisons across all programs are still by possible if you don't explicitly select any programs.

This feature will be promoted to the main search interface soon.

17 January, 2012